Quality Policy

Sacred Heart College aims at creation of an ‘enlightened society’ through ‘the pursuit of wisdom with a righteous heart’ (Cor Rectum Inquirit Scientiam) after the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

For this, the Management and the staff are committed to providing a holistic education to the students through an empowering process of participation of various stakeholders in adequate measure.

The efforts will be to orientate entire teaching-learning-evaluation process as linked to the goals of higher education, national goals and the core values of the college as spelt out in its vision and mission. Towards attaining this college shall adopt OBE (outcome based education) by 2021. Quality policy envisages that the prescribed syllabus is covered in time, with adequate stress on skill development and societal application through an enabling inter-disciplinary teaching-learning environment having its foundation on the twin principles of faith in God with due respect for all (faiths) and a spirit of enquiry.

The process of learning is intended to instill in the academic community a concern for knowledge beyond boundaries and a concern for planet and people.

As part of the quality policy, there shall be a provision to receive suggestions (suggestion box, digital suggestion box) and redress grievances.  Complaints regarding facilities can be registered with the College office.

Complaints regarding facilities shall be dealt with in a matter of one week, and grievances shall be addressed without delay, through the established channel.

As part of the quality policy, there shall be a students’ charter, which the authorities shall strive to fulfill.