Age Friendly Club

Age Friendly club is with the objective of helping senior citizens of Ernakulum District to live independently using the technology and enhancing mental health by engaging in continuing education. The objective is that, by admitting senior citizen in to the college, they will connect to the young generation and new technology which helps them to reduce the conflicts like isolation, dependency, boredom etc in their old age. The “age friendly college”! Programme is based on the concept of U3A of WHO. The college declared as Age friendly college in the end of 2015 and offered Computer and smart phone training for senior citizen since 2016. Now two batches of senior students passed out from the college and admission are opened for next academic year. This year a spoken English training programme going to commence. The college offers all privilege to senior students same as a regular student. The course curriculum not only with academic training but also includes extracurricular- entertainment activities. One to one teaching, sports and arts day, watching movie, festival celebrations, one day tour, participation in various arts and sports meets etc are the highlights of the programme.

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