Music Club

Music Club of Sacred Heart College is a platform for Heartians to bond over music and enliven their campus.

The club showcases their musical extravaganzas in countless events that happen on campus and off campus.

It has always identified and nurtured young talents with audacity. Our musical lineage boasts of celebrities and their eternal contributions to their alma mater. Our members are actively participating in various reality shows aired by T.V channels, stage performances and some of them are professional singers. We present and promote all flavours of music – be it the rhapsodical scores or concords or carillons or concerts – it is indeed a celebration here!!! The euphony of our young musicians fills our corridors and colonnades during our fests and gala events. The members of our club are consistently securing prizes in light music, classical music, group events (eastern & amp; western) and instrumental music in intercollegiate and inter-university fests. Music Club of S.H College creates a perfect ambience for music with cadences of acapellas and orchestrations. “And what avails skills in music if there is no chance to display it”? Music club is the scaffold for an aspirant or an adept in music to go that route.

Staff in charge
Dr. Siby Abraham

Club Secretary
Mr. xxxxxxxxx