Principal-in-Charge, Ex-officio

Nominee, UGC, Govt. of Kerala, Higher Education Council

Nominee, M G University

Senior Teacher, Elected from all teachers

Educationalist/industrialist. Nominee of Educational Agency.

Professor, MG University Nominee

Professor, Nominated by M G University

Professor, Nominated by M G University

Expert from finance, Governing Body nominee

Expert from Administration, Governing Body nominee

Expert from law, Governing Body nominee

Vice Principal, East Campus, Special invitee

Controller of Examinations, Nominee of the Principal

HoD, Zoology, Ex-officio

Member, Dean, Faculty of Science

HoD, Mathematics, Ex-officio

Member, Dean of Research

HoD English, Ex-Officio

Expert From Engineering Field, Governing Body Nominee

HoD Chemistry, ex-officio

Dean, Commerce & Management, Special Invitee

HoD, Computer Science, Ex-officio

HoD, Physics, Ex-officio

HoD, Additional Languages, Ex-officio

HoD Graphic Design. Ex-Officio

HoD Animation. Ex-Officio

HoD HoD, Journalism & Mass Communication. Ex-Officio

HoD, Cinema & Television. Ex-Officio

Head, Division of Statistics. Ex-officio

Head, Division of Environmental Science, Ex-officio

IQAC Co-ordinator. Special Invitee

HoD, Department of Aquaculture, Ex-officio

Dean, Student Services. Special Invitee

System Administrator, Special invitee

HoD, Department of Psychology, Ex-officio

Dean, Academics, SHSC. Special invitee

Director, Autonomy Affairs. Special Invitee

Director, School of Communications. Special Invitee

Director, Aquaculture Special Invitee

Dean, Humanities. Special Invitee

HoD, Shcool of Communication

HoD, Physical Education

HoD, Economics, Ex-Officio

Vice Principal (East Campus)

Dean, Arts & Humanities

HoD Additional Languages

HoD English, Staff Rep. , Council Secretary

Bursar, Special Invitee

Addl. Chief Supt. of Exams, Special Invitee

HoD Management Studies,. Ex-officio

HoD Physical Education

Dean (Acting) & HoD, Commerce & Management

Dean, Student service

Dean, Research & Joint Coordinator,IQAC

Director, Aquaculture

Director, School of Communication

Staff Representative

College Librarian

Environmental Science

Office Superintendent