The mission statement of Sacred Heart College emphasises four core values – holistic development, nation building, progress of humanity, and the dissemination of knowledge. With these objectives the college has designed the programme Service Learning for giving training in civic engagement. This sensitising project insists a minimum 40-hour mandatory social service for all the undergraduate students to attain their graduation.


a) To instil a sense of social commitment in students
b) To build sensitivity towards fellow beings and the environment
c) To encourage cleanliness and the preservation of the natural environment
d) To assist the local community
e) To enable them to relate the knowledge gained to the real-life situations
f) To encourage physical and mental well-being and to appreciate the joy of manual labour

Jumy George
Student Development Officer

Students can participate, initiate, volunteer and organize various socially responsible programmes. The student development officer guides the students and creates opportunities for them to acquire credits. Students participate in various socially relevant programmes conducted by various Clubs and fora of the college.

Alan Berchmans
Student Development Officer sdo@shcollege.ac.in

Service Learning

Service learning programme is designed from the concept of filed work in social work. The Service learning programme is defined as a planned set of experience which makes students to understand community by field work practice.


The programmes mainly focus on agriculture (Paddy and vegetables), Education (tuition for the needy), environment education, Health and hygiene (campaign against misuse of plastic bags, no horn campaign near hospitals, lake cleaning, beach cleaning, surveys etc.)


HEAL is the primary arm under which the extension and outreach programmes of the college are carried out. The two extension centres – SHCOOB and Mithradham – provide the platform for organising the extension/outreach programmes.

Age Friendly

The Age Friendly Club organizes computer and language classes for the elderly.