Sensitisation Drive

The student groups visit old-age homes; destitute/isolation wards and child cancer wards of
hospitals periodically.

Community Service

Students bring food packets from their homes, under the initiative titled Daya, and the
collected food is given to the inmates of nearby orphanages and destitute houses. Another
initiative is “u3a” to train the elderly in computer, internet, smart phones, paper bag making
etc. Other community services undertaken by the students include family health surveys,
mammography clinics, community health camps, traffic volunteering, library cleaning and
rearrangement of books, etc.

Awareness Campaigns

Students organise cancer awareness classes with the support of medical practitioners.
Periodical health check-up for the detection of cancer and lifestyle diseases, eye diseases, hair
donation campaigns, first aid classes etc., are also conducted.

Swatch Bharat

Weekly cleaning drives of public places, including the removal of litter and plastic waste,
beautifying vacant lots and creating awareness among the public about cleanliness is an
important activity.

Environment Conservation

Used pens are collected, recycled and put them on sale through the Honesty Shop. Moreover,
paper pens and handicraft items are made from waste paper and sold in the college. Students
implemented a project on mangrove protection and has adopted a stretch of degraded
mangrove in the nearby area for its restoration and protection, together with mangrove
conservation awareness programmes. Campus biodiversity documentation is yet another
initiative in this direction.

Organic Farming

To initiate the youth into farming and to teach sustainable agricultural practices to the local
community, the college purchased 2 hectares of fallow land in a nearby village, and has been
doing organic farming with the involvement of student volunteers.