College runs hostels for men (SYRO) and women (PRATIBHA) for aided
stream and separate East Campus Hostels for girls and boys. All these
are owned and managed by the college. College has a collaborative
network of other 16 private hostels approved by the college within a
radius of ca. 500 metres from the College. These hostels are working
under the guidance of the college, though having their own independent
management, and this is done to facilitate the learning of students from
far. College does not interfere with the day to day administration, but
ensures that the hostel has proper recognition and safety. 

The details of the hostels are given below. Candidates are advised to
contact the hostel authorities concerned for more information.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Arthur Ashe
Sl. No. Name of the Hostel Phone Number Ownership
1 Prathibha Hostel (Girls) 0484 -2663007 SH College
2 Syro Hostel (Boys) 9605713777 SH College
3 East Campus Girls’ Hostel 9747716182 SH College
4 East Campus Boys’ Hostel 9446690336 SH College
5 St. Rita’s Hostel 9495820741/8943242367 Sr. Rose & Sr. Aji
6 Seva Sadan Hostel (Girls) 9995144315 Sr. Shalini
7 Thengumtharayil (Girls) 9446721221 Elizabeth
8 Raniya Hostel (Girls) 9349434683 Mini Rajesh
9 Hananiya Hostel 8547774010/9567371021 Rini Simon
10 Mary Jude Ladies Hostel 9495427456 Mary A.C/Jude O.D
11 St Agnus(Girls) 7306724923/9526653932 Christina
12 RAMS Hostel (Girls) 9633195366 Latha R Menon
13 RAMS Hostel (Boys) 9633195366 Latha R Menon
14 St. George (Girls) 9447063397 Preena Gigi
15 St. Xaviers (Girls) 9809465545 Irene Aloysious
16 Palackappilly Home Stay (Girls) 9847555589/9633914020 Bency Benny
17 Athul Boys Hostel 9497190978/7356585030 Mercy Simon
18 Lenas Ladies Hostel (Girls) 8547139665 Thampi Lonappan
19 St. Jude Hostel (Girls) 8330056992 Jessy
20 Elisha Hostel (Girls) 9495769544 Molly Unni