Center for e-Content Development

The Beginning of a New Era – Windows to the Digital World  

Chavara Computer Centre was started in 1990 at Sacred Heart College, catering to the needs of the times for both staff and students. In tune with the current advancements in ICT enabled teaching learning processes, Sacred Heart College initiated a Virtual Learning Centre (VLC), late in 2008. It had a modest start by introducing a media-equipped learning centre called the Marian Hall (Gallery 1). Lately, the college is in the process of developing E-learning modules which is proving to be beneficial for faculty as well as students

Interactive Boards and LCD Enabled Teaching

Smart class is a digital initiative, which is rapidly transforming the teaching-learning process. During the year 2009-10, smart boards (Interactive white boards) were installed in a number of classrooms to make the classes more technology enabled and multidimensional with the possibility of real time interaction with experts as well as referring to online sources on the spot. Student assignments and seminars, in some cases, are also being done through smart boards. PPT presentation, accessing internet became a part of their ICT enabled teaching learning process.

Establishment of the E-Content Development Centre

MHRD, UGC and Government of India have taken several novel initiatives in recent years to promote information and communication technology (ICT) in education. This led to a venture called ‘Centre for E-Content Development’ on 24th June 2016, which was inaugurated by Rev. Dr. Jose Kuriedath, Manager, SH Group of Institutions. Rev. Dr. Jose John (Coordinator) and Rev. Fr. Antony Pallathiparambil (Head, Production Control) jointly handed over the DVD containing 12 lecture videos for release. (Gallery 2)

Aim and Objectives of the Centre

The aim of the Centre is to reach out to the maximum online beneficiaries through sharing the knowledge resource of the college as well as to seek expertise from outside so as to equip the students to face the challenges of the Digital World.

The objectives:

  • To Motivate and facilitate the staff members to develop e-contents on their own through regular training sessions and workshops.

  • To encourage all the staff members develop e-contents every year as per the stipulated time schedule. The developed e-contents are intended to be shared with the students in order to enrich their learning experience better.

  • To make available the academic writings/materials/ of staff and transact assignments and seminar portions through the medium.

  • To increase equip the teachers with the use of Smart boards for interactive and more effective teaching learning.

Infrastructure Facility available for E-Content/ Video lesson Preparation


  • Purpose built Digital Audio-Video Recording Studio with Mac Pro

  • Open Air Amphitheatre

  • Production Studio (Green Matte)

  • Digital on-line Video Editing ConsoleHD Cameras for indoor and outdoor recordings

  • 2 Editing Softwares and 1 Audio Recording Software (Life time licensed)

  • 200Mbps OFC leased line internet connectivity for uninterrupted live streaming.

List of E-Content Developed by CED-SH