ICT Videos

Anti Nutritional Factors

Ms.Sangeetha K R

Reproduction in Fishes

Ms. Litty Mary

Literary Club

Mr. Vishnu Raj P.

French through English Part-1

Dr. Shobha Liza John

French through English Part-2

Dr. Shobha Liza John

Gene Interactions Part 1

Fr. Dr. Jose John

Klinefelter's Syndrome

Fr. Dr. Jose John

Cell Signaling

Mr. Kiran George Koshy

Interaction Between Plant And Pathogen

Dr. Lesly Augustine

Cultivation Of Mushrooms

Dr. I'Ma Neerakkal


Dr. Giby Kuriakose

Reactions of Aldehydes and Ketones

Dr. Sebastian V.S


Dr. Ignatious Abraham

Macrocyclic Ligands

Dr. Ramakrishnan S

Features Of Fluorescence Spectra

Dr. Jorphin Joseph

Anticoagulant Drugs

Dr. Jinu George

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. Abi T G

Proton Affinity

Dr. Abi T G

Barriers in Communication

Dr. Joseph George

Database Management System

Ms. Priya Renjini S

Women Entrepreneurship

Ms. Priya P S

Quantitative Techniques For Business Research

MS. Athira V T

Business Communication And Management

MS. Theres Joshi

International Financial Reporting System

Ms. Aleena

Entrepreneurship Development And Project Management

Mr. Bony Mathew

Methods Of Costing

Mr. Shanmughadas K G

Income Tax and Procedure

Mr. Bony Mathew

International Monetary Fund

Fr. Tomy P P

Marketing of Tourism

Dr. Radhika P C

Introduction To Income Tax

Dr. Sajoy P B

Operating System Structures

Fr. Nijo Antony

Infix to Postfix Conversion

Ms. Neethu A S

Introduction to R

Ms. Reshmi

Introduction to Machine Learning

Mr. Shailesh

Platform Independence of Java

Mr. Shailesh S

Page Replacement Algorithm

Mr. Santhosh Kumar K P

Programming using MySQL

Dr. Regitha M R

Close Reading

Dr. C S Francis

Child Language Acquisition

Mr. Aravind R Nair

The Old Man and The Sea

Mr. Shijo Varghese

Media Planning

Ms. Namitha Jonas

Currency Derivatives

Dr. Madhusudhana Nair M S

Micro and Macro Economics

Dr. Siby Abraham

Criteria Of Welfare Economics

Mr. Vinil K V

Water Diamond Paradox

Ms. Nabila M

Product Exhaustion Problem

Ms. Anaida

Electrodes In Ph Meter

Dr. T.J James


Dr. Remya R

The Story Of An Atom

Dr. Jimmy Sebastian

Color Matters

Dr. Mathew George

The Law of Thermodynamics

Dr. Roby Cherian

Application of Canonical Transformation

Ms. Navya S L

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLRh_r8-FQ-2EGCfr6cGGJ7gmFo7Yez5ct&layout=gallery[/embedyt]

Galois Theory

Mr. Jeet Kurian Mattam

Chi Square Test

Dr. Lakshmipriya R

Fermat's Last Theorem

Dr. Jeenu Kurian

Uniform Convergence of Series

Dr. Didimos K V

Principles of Animation

Mr. Kishore Kumar P

Brand Naming

MR. Vinod Laxman

Cultural Capital

Mr. R K Varghese

Caste System in India

Mr. Sanjose A Thomas

Forms Of Feminism

Ms. Aneesha K A

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLRh_r8-FQ-2FjwMnQGOcba7_QvL1eiYOk&layout=gallery[/embedyt]

Human Reproduction

Dr. Smitha S


Ms. Raagam P. M.

Introduction to Arthropods

Dr. Moncey Vincent

Structure of Ovum

MS. Gisha Sivan