Sacred Heart College is recognized by Mahatma Gandhi University as research centre for doctoral research in seven disciplines. Botany, Chemistry, Zoology, Physics ,Commerce, English, and Economics are the departments with faculty as research guides. As many as 116 Ph. D degrees have been awarded through these departments in the last five years. In addition, over 400 research articles have been published in national and international research journals by its research departments. Currently, 40 scholars are engaged in research in the college.

Botany: Since its inception in 1988, the centre has produced 23 Ph.Ds spreading over varied branches such as Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Cytology, Phycology, Phytochemistry, Microbiology, Tissue Culture, Environmental Science, Plant Taxonomy, Biodiversity, Pollination Biology, Ethnobotany, etc. The first patent from the college has also being filed and awarded from this research department.

Chemistry: The research activity is targeted mainly on Computational Quantum Chemistry, Molecular Simulations, Reaction Mechanism Studies, Material and Nano science and Drug Design.

Commerce: Research in the areas of Finance, Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Consumer Protection are offered at the research center.

Economics: The Research Centre of the Department of Economics is a hub of research scholars. The department offers research in areas like Banking, Agricultural economics, financial economics, insurance, Business economics, industrial economics, Environmental economics, fisheries economics, gender studies, public finance etc. The department has produces 53 PhDs and perhaps it is the largest number in a college in the state. The research wing has published more than 75 papers in leading research journals.

English: The Department of English became an approved Centre for Research in English Studies under Mahatma Gandhi University in 2019. There are two approved research guides who lead the research programme at the centre. Currently, there are five part-time and four full-time research scholars at the centre, who pursue their research leading to PhD. The thrust areas of research are: Medical Humanities/Health Humanities, Critical humanities, Cultural Studies, Disability studies, Refugee Narratives, Translation Studies, Para-Textual Studies and Political Cartoons.

Physics: There are three topics of research being pursued, currently: (i) space science (ii) materials science and (iii) computational physics.

Zoology: Advanced research in the fields such as Arachnology, Neurobiology of Ageing, Ant Taxonomy, Ichthyotaxonomy, Biodiversity and Endocrinology are the thrust areas of research. The Division of Arachnology is the only centre in south India devoted exclusively for the research on spiders and their kin.