Consultancy Policy

Sacred Heart College (Autonomous) has always recognized the value of its faculty undertaking consultancy work for outside agencies and organizations. Consultancy        is an important channel through which ideas and services can be transacted between   the College and the outside agencies. The college has been offering a bevy of  consultancy services offered by its faculty and scholars to the public. This has the      twin advantage of deploying the knowledge-base of the institution creatively and for   the benefit of a larger community along with earning recognitions and rewards for the experts at the institution. Consultancy activities are promoted with a view to fostering industry – institute collaboration and to strengthen the institute’s intervention in societal transformation and development. The college shall also develop modern infrastructural facilities for consultancy and offer the required training for the faculty.

Heartian Consultancy Catalogue
Consultancy involves the transfer of knowledge and is usually the transfer of knowledge and expertise to outside agencies for financial and non-financial benefits. The main consultancy services offered by the College includes training programmes for various stakeholders, expert advice, analysis and interpretation of data, conduct of various national/international examinations, which require special experience and expertise etc. Normally, it does not involve the production of new knowledge and is achieved in the short term through activities that may be completed in a few days or weeks. The College does not appoint people from outside for offering consultancy; it is offered by faculty and involves extra work.