Research Promotion Policy

Sacred Heart College is determined to facilitate the process of knowledge creation as part of quality assurance. On this account the institution maintains a Research Policy that marks its commitment to enhance research in various fields, at varying levels. The policy ensures the availability of a research environment to both the staff and students of the college.

Sacred Heart College management expects its members of faculty to engage in high-quality research and publish in indexed and highly rated journals. SHARE (Sacred Heart Advanced Research Endeavour) and SHRI (Sacred Heart Research Initiatives) have been formulated to promote a culture of research and publication in the College. The forum organizes Annual Science Congress involving the presentations of the research scholars of the research centres in the college and project findings of various PG programmes.


  • To promote research as a process that develops intellectual capital and innovation by encouraging interdisciplinary research and joint and individual research projects covering more than one domain.
  • To demonstrate quality by maintaining integrity and ethics in research.
  • To integrate research and teaching through instructional and translational research.
  • To provide appropriate coordination to all the research activities in the college by attuning the research with the vision and mission and college.
  • To create an awareness among the students, teachers and research scholars about the different dimensions of Intellectual Property Rights such as patents, copyright etc and also how to respect the same.
  • To provide a proper channel of information regarding the research opportunities offered by different academic, research, industrial or government establishments.
  • To help faculties to avail leave for the purpose of research.
  • To establish link between various authorised channels or agencies of funding for the purpose of research and provide information regarding the same to the students, scholars and faculty.
  • To encourage and facilitate publication in various recognized National/International journals, participation and presentation of papers in various National/International seminars and conferences and participation in academic events like workshops among students, scholars and faculty.
  • To facilitate community-oriented researches that would lead to the development of the society.
  • To maintain high standards of ethics and integrity by observing that the researchers follow the code of ethics in research as regulated by the UGC and the University to which the college is affiliated (Mahatma Gandhi University).

Promotion of Research

The Undergraduate students of the college are supposed to submit a project work of practical use to the society by the end of their course. These projects can be individual or group works. The Postgraduate students are supposed to submit their dissertations in the final semester. These dissertations are expected to meet the standards of publication. There areseven research departments in the college and they stand as testimonial to the ardent research culture developed in the college over the years. The research processes are regularly reviewed and necessary measures are implemented for the betterment of the same. The research scholars are provided with lab and library facilities and software assistance.

The college has instituted two journals to offer a suitable platform for the faculty members, research scholars and students to publish their research findings and encourage them to bring to the notice of society issues of contemporary importance.

The college library provides software assistance to check plagiarism for both students and faculty members. In order to ensure the originality of the research projects or dissertations, the students are asked to avail a certificate from the library stating the percentage of plagiarism. Any research work that goes beyond the set limit of plagiarism shall not be evaluated. Also, the students are encouraged to present and publish original individual papers.

The college has always encouraged and supported its faculty members to obtain research degrees, by making all possible concessions, with the approval of the authorities concerned and within the framework of the institutional HR policy. The faculty members are constantly encouraged to engage in Minor and Major projects and attain post-doctoral and inter-disciplinary projects.

SHARE- The College has created a forum, Sacred Heart Advanced Research Endeavour (SHARE), to promote and understand research related advancements and application, headed by the Research Dean of the college. SHARE is an interdisciplinary forum, consisting of students, teachers and research scholars, which mentors research initiatives in the college. The forum provides the young researchers with active support through lectures, workshops, seminars and discussions on the frontier areas of research.

SHRI- In order to assist the staff and students with their research the college has introduced Sacred Heart Research Initiative (SHRI). SHRI ensures that the college sets apart an amount to facilitate faculty and student research that would leadto practical community involvement and publication.

Consultancy Policy

The Consultancy Policy of the college aims at extending the research and academic skills of the faculty to different layers of the society for practical purposes. These consultancy endeavours can either be voluntary or paid. 75 % of the income generated through consultancy programmes will go to the concerned faculty and the remaining amount will be used for the welfare of the staff. The college facilitates such activities by making necessary amendments and adjustments in the schedule in favour of the concerned faculty.