SHARE – Sacred Heart Advanced Research Endeavour

Sacred Heart Advanced Research Endeavour (SHARE) is an interdisciplinary forum created in 2010, consisting of students, teachers and research scholars, which monitors and mentors research initiatives in the college. It also promotes inter-disciplinary collaboration and sharing of available human and infrastructural resources. The forum not only provides a platform for young researchers to hone their aptitude but also provides them active support through organizing talks, workshops, seminars and discussions on frontier areas of research, fund generation, consultancy work and patenting. The forum also acts as a platform for research guides to share their expertise and experiences and provide mutual help to produce high quality research output. The forum encourages a much-needed culture of teamwork among researchers. It also supervises the allocation of seed money for research. The forum organizes Annual Science Congress involving the presentations of the research scholars of the research centres in the college and project findings of various PG programmes. This platform is used for the review of the progress of the ongoing major and minor research projects of the college. It is also used as a platform to prepare the half-yearly report of the research scholars of various research centres of the college, which is a mandatory requirement of MG University. The activities of SHARE are coordinated by the Dean of Research and supported by the Deans of Science and Humanities.


  • Coordinate the research projects of students by preparing guidelines for UG and PG research projects.
  • Give necessary guidance and support to the research supervisors of various departments.
  • Assist researchers to patent their inventions/products.
  • Facilitate funding through the seed-money corpus of the college
  • Provide necessary assistance to those who apply for minor and major research projects funded by external agencies.


Sacred Heart Research Endeavour (SHARE) invites applications for major research project proposals (2.5 lakhs) for 2 years and minor research proposals (Rs.50000) for 1 year to be carried out in core areas of Science, Arts, Humanities and Socials Sciences. All the permanent faculty members, both aided and self-financing, having a minimum service of one (1) year are encouraged to apply. Please submit the application to IQAC, both hard copy (2 copies) and soft copy via e-mail, in the prescribed format attached on or before 10.02.2022.
Number of Major Projects: 2 (Rs 250000/- each)
Number of Minor Projects: 5 (Rs 50000/- each)

Prescribed Format