Research @ SH

Several departments at Sacred Heart College are approved research centers, where students can enroll and work towards their doctoral degree.


List of Research Guides & Scholars

No: Name of full-time teacher with Ph.D. Year of Recognition as Research Guide Name of the scholar Year of registration of the scholar Title of the thesis
1 Dr. K.M. Johnson 2018 Bijo N Mathew 2019 Transcending Banality: A Postcolonial Cultural Critique of Select Indian Novels
Sunil K.V 2019 The Politics of the Disabled Body: A Critique of Select Women;s Narratives
Sabu Thomas 2019 Religion as Text and Subtext: A Study of Revisionist Christianity and Zen Budhism in Kazantsakis’s Fiction
Alice Kurian 2019 Greening the Self: Configuring the Paradigms of Eco- Spirituality in Select Women Writers
Rose Mary 2019 Reconstructing Body Self and Identity: A Reading of Select Graphic Medicine Narratives.
Lissy Kachappilly 2015 Ecophilosophy and Ecopolitics: Environmental History and Ecological Imagination in India
2 Dr. Sumod SG 2018 Nil
3 Dr. Giby Kuriakose 2018 Nil
4 Dr. Abi T.G 2017 Jibin K Varughese 2017 A Computational chemistry investigation on delivery small molecule drugs using carbon nano materials followed by binding to target proteins
Joseph Libin K L 2018 Investigation of Reaction Mechanism of Metal Catalysed cross coupling reaction using computational chemistry methods
Bashida V B 2018 A computational Chemistry Study of Carbon nanotube Functionalized with Charged Species as Effective Drug Delivery Agents
5 Dr. Joseph George 2017 Athira. V.T 2018 Impact of demonetisation on Digital transaction – A study with special reference to public, private and foreign banks in Kerala.
Riya Mary 2018 Green Consumerism in Kerala with special reference to fast moving consumer goods
Elizabeth Joseph 2018 Impact of implementation of GST A study from the perspective of stakeholders
6 Dr. Remya Ramachandran 2017 Susmitha G 2018 Social performance management of microfinance institutions in Kerala.
7 Dr. Jinu George 2016 Reshma Joy 2018 Synthesis, Characterisation and Biological studies on functionally modifying drug molecules and developing polymer drug conjugates for target biological systems
8 Dr. Mathew M. J. 2016 Jithin Johnson 2017 Pseudoscorpion diversity of Kerala – A study with special reference to ernakulam district
Anitha Abraham 2018 A study on wetland spiders in Alappuzha & Ernakulam Districts of Kerala, India
Minu M. 2018 A study on wetland spiders in Alappuzha & Ernakulam Districts of Kerala, India
Aneesh Mathew Vergis 2019 Systematics of Pseudoscorpions of South India with special reference to Kerala
9 Dr. Jose John 2016 Jayalakshmi P.S. 2017 A Study on periphytic algal species in selected areas of central Kerala
Gayathri Sharma 2018 A study on the nutraceutical potential of selected terrestrial and aquatic algae from Kerala.
Aswathy R. 2018 Micropropagation and phytochemical screening of the medicinal plant Anisochilus carnosus(L f) Wall.
Annie Xavier 2019 Ethnobotany Phytochemistry and pharmacognosy of medicinal grasses in western ghats (Idukki) Kerala
10 Dr. Franklin John 2015 Deepak J Prabhu 2017 Isolation and structural charcterisation of triterpenes from Potentialla Fuklgens; Synthesis of carbohydrate derivative and investigation of anticancer and antimicrobial activity
11 Dr. Samson Davis 2015 Abin Joseliph 2017 Diversity assessment of Bird and Butterfly fauna of Kochi city as a Baseline Exploration of Urban Biodiversity
12 Dr. I’ma Neerakal 2015 Shanti Vasudevan C.N. 2016 Phytochemical and pharmacological analysis of selected medicinal plants and their substitutes
13 Dr. C. M. Joy 1992 Suma K P 2001 Physiological changes and distribution patterns of mangrove flora of Kochi
Jose K P 2003 Strategies to improve quality of spices cultivated in Kerala
Swapna Vijayan 2014 Invasive alien plants as alternate source of natural fibers.
14 Dr. Philip Mathew 1995 Nandakumar A 2015 (2008), Research Guide: Dr. Philip Mathew
Raagam P.M. 2015 Studies on the Anti Fertility Effects of Selected Plant Alkaloids on the reproductive System of Male Rats (Wistar Strain) – Reproductive Endocrinology
Uma Surendran 2015 Evaluation of Antifertility Effect of Selected Indian Medicianl Plants in Male Wistarrats
15 Dr. K. V. Raju 1995 Sindu K 2008 Stock Market Behavior and Economic Growth in India
Sunil Kumar S. Menon 2010 Economics of Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Industry in Kerala
Rajesh Kumar S 2013 Dynamics of Life Insurance Business- A Study of Private and Public sector in India
Sabulayan P J 2013 Dynamics of Household expenditure on Education: A Comparative Study Rural and Urban Areas of Kerala
Ancy V P 2005 Fishing Industry in Kerala: Perils of International Quality Assurance Standards
Madhusudhanan Nair M S 2010 Agricultural Indebtedness In Kerala – Astudy Of Idukki District
Agile Joy 2014 Dynamics of Integrated Farming in the Pokkali Fields of Kerala
Martin K J 2008 An Economic Analysis Of School Dropout In The Coastal Regions Of Kerala
K.G. Thadevoose 2009 Social, Economic And Environmental Impact Of Backwater Tourism Industry In Alappuzha District, Kerala
16 Dr. P. A. Sebastian 1996 Samson Davis Padayatty 2007 Systematic study on Salticidae (Arachnida: Araneae) from Kerala, India – with notes on habit and habitat of common forms
Elizabeth V Mathew 2013 Taxonomic revision of Indian species of spider genus cyrtophora using morphological and molecular data.
Pradeep M.S. 2014 Taxonomy and bioecology of ground-dwelling spiders (Arachnida: Araneae) in the Kerala region of Western Ghats
Sunish S. 2006 Systematics of spiders in Central Malabar, Kerala, with special emphasis on Mygalomorphs (Araneae: Orthognatha)
17 Dr. T. J. James 1997 Sheenaja K K 2008 Social cognition in climbing perch (Anabas testudineus Bloch, 1792), a freshwater teleost fish: effect of habitat and early rearing conditions
Kiran Kumar E. 2016 The Study of Antioxidant Activity of Moringa Olestora and Leucas Asper, Flower Invitro Invivo
18 Dr. M. George 1999 Jose K B 2005 (2010), Research Guide: Dr. M George
Maria Linsha P.L 2014 Dft Studies On The Structure, Homo – Lumo Gaps And Solvent Effects On The Charge –Transfer Complexes Of Aniline Derivatives And Their Anti-Inflammatory Property By Docking
Anju Linda Varghese 2015 Theoretical And Experimental Investigations On Third Order Optical Nonlinearities And Optical Limiting Properties Of P-Nitroaniline Derivatives
June Cyriac 2010 The Gas Phase Rearrangements Of Protonated Stycyl Ketones Catalysed By Methoxy Group.An Esi Mass Spectrometric Investigation.
Justin Paulose Mechanism Of Dissociations Of Protonated N-Substituted Amides And Amines. An Esi Mass Spectral And Dft Study.
Revi P.A A Dft Study Of The Mechanism Of Catalyzed Cycloaddition Of Carbon Dioxide To Epoxides And Aziridine.
Lijumon K Kolal 2012 ES Study of unsaturated ketones
Sheneya Festus 2013 Spectroscopic & DFT study of copper curcumin complex
Umadevi A G 2010 Studies on radiological impact assessment & characterisation of equetee environment in Eloor, Kerala
19 Dr. M. S. Francis 1998 Johncy Manithottam 2000 Ethnobotanical studies on the tribal populations of Devikulam taluk
Sr. Philo T J 2006 Bio-chemical characterization of the grains of graminaceous weeds
Jose John 2003 Investigation on the Algal flora of Idukki district
Jayakrishnan G. 2007 Autecological studies on the river mangrove Aegiceras corniculata (L.) Blanco Kerala
P. Ravikumar P 2009 Ethno agricultural practices of Kurichiyan, Mullakuruman, Thachanaden Muppen and Wayanadan Chetti of Waynad District, Kerala
Soumya Murali 2011 Phytochemical and molecular systematics of Aristolochia spp.
Resmi T R. 2011 Phytochemical and molecular systematics of Artemisia spp
20 Dr. Thommachan Xavier 2007 Nil Nil Nil
21 Dr. Siby Mathew 2008 Kiran John U. 2018 Structural and Spectroscopic Studies of Nano/Bulk Semiconductor Materials Doped Glasses/Polymers by Sol Gel Technique
Roners J. Peechat 2018 Structural, Spectroscopic and dielectric studies of doped glasses/polymers by Sol-Gel Technique
22 Dr. V. T. Jose 2009 Parvathy S 2012 Financial Liberalization, Credit Market And Rural Indebtness: A Study With Special Reference To Agricultural Households In Kerala
Vandana Aravindan 2015 Significance Of Wetlands In Sustainable Development With Special Reference To Kerala
Revathi K. Sivadas 2010 An Economic Analysis Of Agricultural Sector Of Kerala With Special Reference To Spices Economy Under Wto Regime
Resmi C. P 2013 Institutional Intervention In Natural Rubber Cultivation In Kerala
Rigi T. P. 2014 Performance Of Coir Industry At Firm Level In Kerala: The Study On Impact Of Technological Changes
23 Dr. Johnson X. Palackapillil 2009 Nil Nil Nil
24 Dr. Joy P. Joseph 1994 V J Dominic 1998 “An investigation into the in vitro response of selected Cycads”.
Manju Madhavan 1998 In vitro studies on Datura metal L. and Gloriosa superba L.
Aruna A 2000 Studies on micropropagation for conservation of some threatened medicinal plants of South India
Rose George 2000 In vivo screening, evaluation and exploitation of Glycoalkaloids through different in vitro systems in selected Solanum species
Ginu Joseph 2007 In vivo and in vitro production of Camptothecin in Ophiorrhiza species
25 Dr. Mathew Jose K 2012 Claudin Rocha 2013 A Study on Women Entrepreneurship in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Kerala
Fairooz Ashareff 2014 A Study on the working of district industries centers with special reference to Kerala
Smitha Mathew M 2013 India Post: A study on financial services and customer satisfication.
Angel Blossom 2013 Evaluation of CSR of Kerala based Commercial Banks.
Princy Francis 2013 A study on customer satisfaction in e – Commerce.
Ann Joy 2015 Women entrepreneurship
Jimmy M Puthuparabmil 2013 A study on income tax planning practice among the employees in Kerala
Jissy Joseph O 2012 Foreign Direct investment & Exchange Earnings – An analytical study on EOUs of cochin special economics zone
Jesney Antony 2013 A study on investments in stock market with special reference to Kerala
Sanu Varghese 2013 A Study on the Commercial Aspects of Nutmeg Cultivation in Kerala
Sajoy PB 2016 Savings and Investment Pattern of Stock Investors in Kerala State
26 Dr. Georgekutty Joseph 2015 Nil Nil Nil
27 Dr. P. C. Sebastian 2000 Nil Nil Nil
28 Dr. V. J. Dominic Jithin Thomas 2011 Genetic diversity analysis of Pokkali (VTL Series) using SSR markers
29 Dr. Sajoy P. B. 2019 Elsa George 2019 Influence Of Financial Decision Making On Well Being Of Urban Communities In Kerala
Athul Kuriakose 2019 Role Of Unified Payment Interface For Facilitating Digital Payment System – A Study With Special Focus On Retail Customers In Kerala
30 Dr. Joseph George 2017 Athira V.T. 2018 Impact of demonetisation on Digital transaction – A study with special reference to public, private and foreign banks in Kerala.