Selected project proposals for financial assistance under the Heartian Initiative for Building Innovation, Research and Development Scheme of HI- BIRDS (2023-24)

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Name of the project/endowments, chairs

Name of the Principal Investigator/ Co Investigator (if applicable)

Name of the Funding agency 

Type (Government/Non-Government)

Department of Principal Investigator/ Co Investigator

Year of Award

Year 1 (2018-19)
Federal Assistance award Mr. Babu Joseph US Department of state Federal Assistance Award.  Non Government Communication 2018-19
Enhancing efficiency of new generation anticancer drugs. Dr. Jinu George  KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala Government Chemistry 2018-19
Year 2 (2017-18)
Indian Chelonethida: Taxonomy, Ecology And Phylogeography Of Pseudoscorpions With Special Reference To Western Ghats Biodiversity Hotspot Dr. Mathew M.J.    Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST, New Delhi Government Zoology 2017-18
American Arts Incubator Asha Achy Joseph Zero 1 Non Government Communication 2017-18
Eradication of Mucuna bracteata from Kanyakumari Wildlife Sancturay, Tamil Nadu  Dr. Giby Kuriakose Department of Forests and Wildlife, Tamil Nadu Government Botany 2017-18
Bridging the gap in the systematics of Indian araneofauna: An integrated approach using phylogeny and behaviour Dr. P. A. Sebastian  Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST, New Delhi Government Zoology 2017-18
Year 3 (2016-17)
Minor Research Project Rajesh James UGC Government English 2016-17
Communication Incubation Centre Asha Achy Joseph UNICEF Non Government Communication 2016-17
Year 4 (2015-16)
The effective implementation of swachh bharat mission at tourism destinations in Kerala with active participationof stakeholders  Minor research project Dr. Radhika P. C. UGC Government  Commerce S/F 2015-16
Restoration of Orchids in Human Transformed Landscape Involving Local Community in Wayanad District, Kerala, India. Dr. Giby Kuriakose SDCOS USA Non-Government Botany 2015-16
Expert committee of young scientist and group monitoring workshop in the area of life science Dr. M. S. Francis DST-SERB Government Botany 2015-16
Ore Udal (Film Production) Dr. Asha Achy Joseph Sharada Productions Non Government Communication 2015-16
Year 5 (2014-15)
Volatility in Rubber prices and its impact on the rubber plantation sector in Kerala Dr. K. V. Raju UGC Government Economics 2014-15
Spiders (Arachnida: Araneae) in the cloud forests of the sky islands in Western Ghats: A taxonomic and eco-biogeographical approach Dr. Mathew M.J.  Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST, New Delhi Government Zoology 2014-15
Minor Research Project: “Assembling ‘Climate Change’: An Actor-Network Analysis of the Controversy in Fiction” Mr. Aravind R. Nair UGC Government English 2013-14
Taxonomic study of jumping spiders (Arachinada: Satlicidae) using scanning electron microscopy Dr. Samson Davis UGC Government Zoology 2013-14
The representation of contemporary Kerala culture in the new wave films of Malayalam Dr. Xavier C. S.  UGC Government Oriental language 2013-14
Synthesis of functionalized triazatriangulenium cations and their self-assembled monolayer formation on metal surfaces Mr. Senju Devassykkutty UGC Government Chemistry 2013-14
Theoretical investigation on acetylene based electro-active polymers Dr. Ignatious Abraham UGC Government Chemistry 2013-14
An Experimental and DFT study of the UV /Visible Spectra of azo dye and nitro substituted aromatic amides Dr. June Cyriac UGC Government Chemistry 2013-14
Mobility Management Techniques for the Next Generation Wireless Networks Mrs. Regitha M R UGC Government Computer Science 2013-14
Diversity, Community organisation and conservation strategies of epiphytic orchids in different land use types in the Western Ghats Dr. Giby Kuriakose UGC Government Botany 2013-14
A study of julia sets as the sets of sensitive points of a chaotic function            Minor Research Project Mr. Sanil Jose UGC Government Mathematics 2013-14
Some aspects of Deterministic theory Minor Research Project Mr. Didimos K V UGC Government Mathematics 2013-14
Bulk Modulus determination of III-V semi conductors UGC MRP Dr. Roby Cherian UGC  Government Physics 2013-14
Novel amphiphilic polymer drug conjugate for RNA targeting Dr. Jinu George  Department of Biotechnology Government Chemistry 2013-14
A study on the cultivation and trade in nutmeg with special reference to Kerala UGC MRP Mr. Sanu Varghese UGC Government  Commerce 2013-14
Development of Polymeric acid doped porous PBI membranes for Fuel Cell Applications Dr. Jorphin Joseph  UGC Government Chemistry 2013-14
Environmental impact of paddy and prawn farming in the pokkali fields of Kerala Mrs. Agile Joy UGC Government Economics 2013-14
Spear heading the natives struggles.Emancipatory trends in post colonial African poetry.  Minor Research Project Mr. Sunil K.V UGC Government English 2013-14
Spiders and pseudoscorpions of Western Ghats Dr. P. A. Sebastian Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC), New Delhi Government Zoology 2013-14
Savings and Investment Pattern of Stock Investors in Kerala State Dr. Sajoy P. B. UGC Government  Commerce 2013-14