Quiz Club

NOSY PARKERS- Heartian Quiz Club

Quizzing is a quest for wisdom and proficiency. A quiz enthusiast is a curious wanderer who creates a seam where knowledge meets vehemence. The Heartian Quiz Club- Nosy Parkers, is a coterie of students with a fresh and unparalleled outlook. The club members have bagged many accolades at various quiz competitions up and down the state along with a few sparkling victories beyond state boundaries. The regular routine of the club is a meeting on all Fridays at leisure time to confabulate on current affairs, interesting facts and GK. To cheer up the monotonous campus life, the club organizes several topic specific open quizzes at regular intervals. The club functions under the wise supervision of faculty members Prof. Jeet Kurian and Prof. Ramakrishnan S of Mathematics and Chemistry Departments respectively. Eminent quiz master and faculty member of Economics Department Prof. Siby Abraham executes the role of club observer with his guidance and erudition.

Current Student representatives

1. Co-ordinator – Ms. Lija Mary K J (BA III Economics)

2. Asst. Co-ordinator – Mr. Athul Rajan (III B A English)

Staff in charge
Ramakrishnan S. , Ph.D.

Club Secretary