Agri Club

Mission and Purpose –  To conscientize the general publish on the necessity of organic farming and to generate  a taste for farming among academic community and college students.


Aims and Objectives


  1. To introduce and promote organic farming and vegetable cultivation among the teachers and students villagers
  2. To Increase awareness regarding the significance and possibilities of organic farming among the members of the local community.
  3. To organize  field trips, conferences, community service and  professional skills to promote organic farming culture among students.
  4. To provide a market for all agricultural products by the teachers and students on the campus.
  5. To develop the Extension Centres for agricultural related research, organic farming, sustainable livelihoods and biodiversity in order to support farming community.
  6. To promote among youth and children the sustainable development goal of ”responsible consumption and production” SDG 12.


ACTIVITIES: Campus vegetable garden, Terrace Vegetable garden, One cent sustainable veg garden plots, Organic Paddy farming, Seed conservation and enrichment, Field Trips, Interaction with Organic farmers, Exhibitions, Organic Fairs


Staff in charge
Fr. Joseph Varghese, Ph. D.

Club Secretary
Naveen 3rd year Degree Economics