Code of Conduct

The College has designed Code of Conduct to provide fair procedures relevant to all the students, teachers, governing body, administration including principal/ Officials and support staff of the college. All the students of all Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes and all the M. Phil and Ph. D. scholars of all the departments of the College. All the students, as members of Sacred Heart College, are required to observe all the rules that are proposed under the Code of Conduct of the College. The Code of Conduct relates to three main areas such as (i) Academic integrity, (ii) Classroom Conduct and (iii) Conduct outside Classroom.

Committee to Monitor Code of Conduct 

Fr. Jose John (Coordinator)
Dr. Siby Mathew (Convenor)
Mr. Abin Ambily (SDO)
Mr. C. K. Peter (Div. Councillor 58)
Mrs. Elizabeth Idiculla (Div. Councillor 59)
I CD Class Teachers
Mr. Saju A. J. (Office Superintendent)
Mr. Jude T. V.
Mr. Ajeesh Joseph
Mr. Jerin P. C.
Mr. Noble Mathew (Advocate)
Mr. Paul John Kanatt (Former Student)
Mr. Paul Raj (SWT Member)
Mr. Philipji Kanatt (PTA Vice President)
Mrs. Rakhi Menon (Student Counsellor)
Station House Officer – Perumanur Police Station
Mr. Tomy Kanatt (Merchants’ Association)

Policy Documents and Rules for the Code of Conduct