Computer Science
Sl No: Topic Name Document
1 Control Flow Achamma Cheriyan
2 Data Structure.pdf Achamma Cheriyan
3 DataStructures CLassification of data structures Achamma Cheriyan
4 White box testing Achamma Cheriyan
5 File Handling Christy Jacqueline
6 Flavors of Linux Christy Jacqueline
7 Introduction to Cloud Technology Christy Jacqueline
8 ActivitiesIntents Neethu A S
9 Messaging Neethu A S
10 Storage Array Based Replication Neethu A S
11 Transmission Media Neethu A S
12 Types of VAS Neethu A S
13 Intellectual Property Right Nijo Antony
14 Transmission Media Nijo Antony
15 Bandwidth Utilization Multiplexing and Spreading Regitha M R
16 Data and Signals Regitha M R
17 Introduction Regitha M R
18 Homogeneous Linear Equation With Constant Coefficients Rensi k Ranjith
19 Binomial Distribution Resmi A N
20 Central Moments, Skewness And Kurtosos Resmi A N
21 correlation Inverse Relationship Resmi A N
22 Correlation Resmi A N
23 Statistical Quality Control Resmi A N
24 Principles of Database Design Santhosh Kumar K P
25 Data Structures Using C Shailesh Sivan
26 Java Threads Shailesh Sivan
27 Moblie Programming Languages Shailesh Sivan
28 Structures and Unions in C Shailesh Sivan
29 Calculus Simi T A
30 Information Technology Tressa Shybe