Sl No: Topic Name Document
1 Bandwidth Utilization Multiplexing and Spreading Dr. Regitha M R
2 Basic Statistics Dr. Lakshmipriya
3 Data and Signals Dr. Regitha M R
4 Introduction Dr. Regitha M R
5 Intellectual Property Right Fr. Nijo Antony
6 Transmission Media Fr. Nijo Antony
7 Principles of Database Design Mr. Santhosh Kumar K P
8 Data Structures Using C Mr. Shailesh Sivan
9 Java Threads Mr. Shailesh Sivan
10 Moblie Programming Languages Mr. Shailesh Sivan
11 Structures and Unions in C Mr. Shailesh Sivan
12 Control Flow Ms. Achamma Cheriyan
13 Data Structure.pdf Ms. Achamma Cheriyan
14 DataStructures CLassification of data structures Ms. Achamma Cheriyan
15 White box testing Ms. Achamma Cheriyan
16 File Handling Ms. Christy Jacqueline
17 Flavors of Linux Ms. Christy Jacqueline
18 Introduction to Cloud Technology Ms. Christy Jacqueline
19 Decoder in logic gates Ms. Jisha Soman
20 logic gates Ms. Jisha Soman
21 ActivitiesIntents Ms. Neethu A S
22 Messaging Ms. Neethu A S
23 Storage Array Based Replication Ms. Neethu A S
24 Transmission Media Ms. Neethu A S
25 Types of VAS Ms. Neethu A S
26 Homogeneous Linear Equation With Constant Coefficients Ms. Rensi k Ranjith
27 Binomial Distribution Ms. Resmi A N
28 Central Moments, Skewness And Kurtosos Ms. Resmi A N
29 correlation Inverse Relationship Ms. Resmi A N
30 Correlation Ms. Resmi A N
31 Statistical Quality Control Ms. Resmi A N
32 Calculus-Volume of Solid of Revolution Ms. Simi T A
33 Calculus Ms. Simi T A
34 Mathematical Analysis of open sets Ms. Simi T A
35 Relations and Functions Ms. Simi T A
36 Theory of Equations Ms. Simi T A
37 Information Technology Ms. Tressa Shybe