Heartian Policies

Water Consurvation Policy

Water scarcity is a pressing challenge both for urban and rural community in India. However, the urban community very specifically face increasing challenges to their water supply because of complex interactions like, drought, high-rise of infrastructure, population growth, lack of planning, conversion of wetland, and other natural and human factors. The prospect of climatic change adds to the difficulty of planning sustainable water supply systems, on account of both the increasing uncertainty about future supply and demand for water and of predicted reductions in water availability. As a result, Sacred Heart College, with its credentials in academic and its voluntary involvement in sustainable development programmes have enacted several policies and resolutions to create a wide-ranging set of water conservation requirements, as well as water rate structures designed to conserve water. The purpose of the revision of Sacred Heart College Water Conservation Policy 2019 is to provide the college and the local community with the means to reduce water demands by making them aware with prescribed water conservation policy in the personal and community level for water conservation.