Heartian Policies

Learner Mentoring Policy

Sacred Heart College offers committed support to equip its students to meet their academic needs. The mentoring policy aims at assuring the students with this support where the students or the mentees are offered a mentor who is bestowed with the responsibility of mentoring and guiding them. The mentoring process is a constructive way to understand the different capabilities, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses of the students. A holistic understanding of the students’ needs and the essential guidance provided are the major outcomes of the mentoring policy. The college ensures a regular and organized review of the process of mentoring and based on the outcomes the college is committed to take necessary measures.

The Central Objectives of Mentoring:

  1. Offer support to the students to make effective use of their potential.
  2. Create an environment where the well-being of the students is assured.
  3. Provide significant assistance and opportunity to students who are on the verge of withdrawing or dropping out from their respective course of study.
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of the mentors and their mentee assessment and also to identify the challenges involved.

The Process of Mentoring and the Role of the Mentor

A mentor is bestowed with the responsibility of mentoring and supporting a batch of 30 mentees. The mentor is expected to guide the mentee until the completion of the course period. In case the mentor has to leave the institution or discontinue mentoring he/she is supposed to share the mentee information with the new mentor. Also, the mentor is expected to sign a document stating the handing over of the mentees to the new mentor.

When the student joins as a new admission the mentor is expected to help the mentee to adjust and adapt to the new environment. The mentor is expected to assist the students to set their individual goals and provide adequate information on the academic needs to be fulfilled. The students can seek the help of the mentor in case of Placements, Internships and Projects they undertake.

In order to conduct a personalised individual assessment, a mentoring form is given to each student under the particular mentor. Also, the mentor should conduct a periodical individual interaction with each mentee so as to review the progress and set tasks and objectives until the next meeting. With reference to the information provided by the student on the various criteria for assessment in the mentoring form and the individual interaction with each student, the mentor is expected to develop a mentoring strategy to satisfy the potential needs of each mentee. The mentor is supposed to maintain confidentiality regarding the information provided by the mentee. The mentor is expected to document the same as a confidential data sheet about the students. The reports on each student, prepared by the mentor, is subjected to periodical evaluation by a team of senior faculty members. The effectiveness of the mentoring policy is monitored by the committee consisting of the Principal, IQAC and the Academic Deans.

Responsibility of the Mentee:

Each mentee is expected to be regular and punctual for their individual sessions with the mentor. The mentees are supposed to conform to the tasks and objectives set by the mentor. The mentees are expected to disclose their goals, needs, troubles and impediments to academics. A total cooperation to the Mentoring Programme procedures are expected from the mentees.