Heartian Policies

Sacred Heart College has always been in the pursuit of systematically empowering our students and helping them grow as useful and productive citizens. All the extension and outreach programmes organised in this college focus on the Heartian core values like love, service, truth, justice and peace. It is aimed at the integral formation of the human person for fulfilling one’s individual and social responsibilities.  

Aims and Objectives of the Extension and Outreach programmes

The extension and outreach activities of Sacred Heart College will:

  • Help students to practice and disseminate the Heartian core values of education
  • Facilitate the holistic development of the student
  • Help students to increase confidence, leadership skills and problem solving skills
  • Sensitize the students on social issues and problems
  • Motivate the students to use education for the betterment of the society
  • Instil an interest in students for community service
  • Help the students to understand the dignity of labour and enables them to extend their arms to people in need
  • Enrich community interaction resulting in the creation of a link between the college and the community

In order to realize the aforesaid objectives the college organizes several extension and outreach programmes primarily focusing on health, environment, education and empathy. All these activities are coordinated by HEAL (Heartian Extended Arm for Life). Various clubs like NSS, NCC, Red Cross, Bhoomithrasena, Primrose Nature Club, Agriculture club, Age Friendly, Jesus Youth, and SADAS etc organise different activities aimed at instilling social commitment in students. The National Service Scheme (NSS) Unit of SH College has coordinated several extension and outreach activities during the last five years and it was recognized as the best unit a couple of times  among the various NSS units affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University.

Health Related Extension Activities

HEAL has organized breast cancer awareness camps, followed by a breast cancer detection drive in the three municipal corporation wards surrounding the college, namely Perumanur, Konthuruthy, and Thevara. HEAL has been organizing life style disease detection and awareness camps too in the local area, in association with the Kerala Social Security Mission, a Charitable society sponsored by the Social Justice Department, Government of Kerala. 

First aid awareness and demonstration classes are organized for the students in the first semester itself so that they are ready and have hands on experience in dealing with crisis situations. Blood donation drives are organized by the AICUF volunteers in regular intervals. They have also created a data bank of blood donors.

Environment Related Extension Activities

The college has taken several conscious attempts to reduce the use of plastics in and around the campus. It has also organised several campaigns to spread awareness of this menace. The college has a scenic Lake view and often plastic waste mars its beauty, the students of the college work on cleaning the lake view once in every two days. Every Saturday, the student volunteers take turns to clean the Fort Kochi beach. They collect the waste, separate and sort it so that it can be taken care of responsibly.

Through agriculture club, the students get to know the entire process of paddy cultivation, in a land owned by the college at Arayankavu. The produce is brought to the college as such or is made into processed goods to be sold to the students, faculty and the public. Some space has been allotted within the college campus for vegetable garden and growing medicinal herbs.

Education and Empathy Related Extension Activities

Sacred Heart College is the first age friendly college in the state, where a compassionate hand is offered to senior citizens of the community. We provide a venue to showcase their talents, get updated, and learn anew. Celebrations and excursions are organized to give them a complete feel of the campus life.

Jesus Youth volunteers organize remedial sessions for the students in nearby schools. The students also support a group of old people by providing them financial and emotional support. They also make it a point to spend time with the patients in the Isolation ward at Ernakulam General Hospital, and the children’s cancer ward on every weekend.

Other than the service oriented clubs students can also join in other career oriented and talent clubs of the college.