Heartian Policies

Extension and Outreach Policy

Sacred Heart College has always been in the pursuit of systematically empowering our students and helping them grow as useful and productive citizens. All the extension and outreach programmes organised in this college focus on the Heartian core values like love, service, truth, justice and peace. It is aimed at the integral formation of the human person for fulfilling one’s individual and social responsibilities.  

Aims and Objectives of the Extension and Outreach programmes

The extension and outreach activities of Sacred Heart College will:

  1. Help students to practice and disseminate the Heartian core values of education
  2. Facilitate the holistic development of the student
  3. Help students to increase confidence, leadership skills and problem solving skills
  4. Sensitize the students on social issues and problems
  5. Motivate the students to use education for the betterment of the society
  6. Instil an interest in students for community service
  7. Help the students to understand the dignity of labour and enables them to extend their arms to people in need
  8. Enrich community interaction resulting in the creation of a link between the college and the community

In order to realize the aforesaid objectives the college organizes several extension and outreach programmes primarily focusing on health, environment, education and empathy. All these activities are coordinated by HEAL (Heartian Extended Arm for Life). Various clubs like NSS, NCC, Red Cross, Bhoomithrasena, Primrose Nature Club, Agriculture club, Age Friendly, Jesus Youth, and SADAS etc organise different activities aimed at instilling social commitment in students. The National Service Scheme (NSS) Unit of SH College has coordinated several extension and outreach activities during the last five years and it was recognized as the best unit a couple of times  among the various NSS units affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University.