Heartian Policies

Maintenance Policy 2020

A well-established infrastructure policy, designed, developed and revised in accordance with the statutory requirements, technological developments, and infrastructure requirements is being implemented in the college under the guidance of the Governing Council. A systematic procedure is followed for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facility for providing better teaching and learning environment. The College Bursar is responsible for providing and maintaining the infrastructure, jointly shared by the Vice Principal and HoDs of the institution under the overall leadership of the College Principal. The College Bursar is empowered to deal with all matters pertaining to the acquisition, up-keeping and disposal of campus infrastructure. The maintenance activities are overseen by a full time Supervisor under the Bursar and assisted by 10 support staff. The HoDs are required to seek the advice and consent of the Principal/Bursar on matters involving infrastructure. Complaints regarding infrastructure are recorded in a register maintained in the College office by the Senior Superintendent. Out- pass issued by the Bursar is essential for moving the physical assets out of the campus. He also looks after the day-to-day maintenance of the entire college campus. The staff under him performs classroom maintenance, campus cleaning, gardening, plumbing, repairs and maintenance of electrical appliances and hall upkeep.

Periodical activities such as painting, carpentry, etc. are outsourced. The Heads of Departments upkeep the systems, instruments and equipment available in the various departments with the assistance of the supporting staff. They maintain a stock register for the equipment used in the Department and submit the same to the Bursar for scrutiny as and when asked for.