Heartian Policies

Our policies are drafted in such a way that they guide the heartian community towards the vision and mission of the college. They form guiding principles for individuals as well as the entire community covering all aspects of their life at the college. We belive that they would enrich the lives of all heartians and the people whom they come in contact with.


The College shall have a well defined maintenance policy and strategy to upkeep its buildings, infrastructure, campus, instruments, machines and other facilities. This is achieved through regular checking, repair and corrective measures.

Maintenance Personnel: Maintenance personnel include a supervisor, a team for sanitation, electricity, solar system, light & sound, and all other facilities. They work under the direction of the Bursar and are given periodical in-service training.

Maintenance Facility: A maintenance workshop with cutting and welding facilities and basic carpentry unit, sanitary tools and two store rooms for the storage of replacement units shall be in place.

Maintenance Budget: Budgetary provisions shall be made for electricity, water, general maintenance and ground maintenance.

Insurance: All major infrastructure facilities shall be covered under insurance policy.

Maintenance Planning: A schedule for monthly reports of cleanliness shall be recorded by the supervisor and countersigned by the Bursar. White washing and painting shall be done on a regular basis. Leak proofing and clearance of roof water storage channels and drains shall be done during the summer.

Electricity: One person shall be dedicated for electrical repairs and maintenance. Maintenance of the Diesel Generator shall be regularly done on an AMC. Electrical and plumbing maintenance shall be done by the maintenance staff.

Solar Power System: It shall be under AMC by an agency and weekly cleaning of panels shall be done by the general maintenance unit. Students of Physics may take it as part of their service learning and projects work.

UPS, Air Conditioners and Lift: It shall be under AMC with experienced agency.

Safety Equipments: An MOU shall be in force with a company with fire & safety license that shall periodically maintain the gas extinguisher equipment in adequate numbers.

Computers & Networking: Computers and networking shall be under the care of a faculty. The ICT smart classrooms and computer facilities shall be maintained by technically skilled experts. All IT related systems shall be in good repair and maintained within 24 hours.  CCTV cameras shall be maintained by a technically sound agency.

Website: The college website shall be maintained and updated regularly by AMC with Corbel Technologies and updated regularly by an Engineering Graduate. The website committee shall continuously monitor the maintenance of the website.

Ground: Ground and garden shall be maintained with the help of support staff under the supervision of the Bursar and Supervisor

Sports & Games: The College sports and games facilities hall be maintained by the support staff of the Department of Physical Education.

Laboratories: All equipment for the science laboratories shall be purchased from standard scientific companies as per the norms by the government.

Classrooms: The classes shall be properly maintained and in case of damage, carpenters and electricians shall carry out the maintenance.

Reporting for Maintenance – (i) Any equipment/furniture/utility found in need of repair may be reported at the office. (ii) Emergency repairs could be reported to Bursar on whatsapp (ii) The ERP system shall create a menu to address repair and maintenance before the end of 2020.

Maintenance Policy