Heartian Policies

Waste Management Policy

As Sacred Heart College has been making very distinctive contributions in the field of environment and sustainability, it shall pay considerable attention to minimize the production of waste on the campus. This policy envisages to guarantying the moral, social and legal responsibilities of the College in creating an environment-friendly and sustainable world devoid of waste and exploitation of nature. This policy is a guidance document to the faculty, staff and students to behave responsibly in the production of waste, waste segregation, storage, handling, transport and disposal.

The Policy vision

 The policy envisions a community which is acutely conscious of the anthropogenic condition of the world and therefore strives to create an ecologically healthy, prospering and resource efficient community, where waste is considerably reduced, recycled, reused and disposed of using an environment friendly safe method.

Policy objectives

  1. Create consciousness among faculty and students about the ways in which waste is generated and the means by which they can reduce waste generation and manage the waste they
  2. Orienting them to adopt appropriate technologies for processing and managing solid, liquid and e-waste.
  3. Give appropriate training to segregate hazardous and non-hazardous waste and dispose of them using appropriate method without creating further environmental pollution.
  4. Follow the five “R” principle of reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse and regenerate
  5. Maintain the campus plastic free