Heartian Policies

Gender and Equity Policy

Sacred Heart College holds the ideals of Higher Education in India, especially its stress on equity and access high. It is determined to cater to the needs of the sections of our society who face challenges on account of physical, social or economic factors. For this, it will strictly adhere to the norms of reservation laid down by the state for such sections.

In addition, the Admission Committee of the Management sets apart 20% of the privileged Management Quota seats to take care of deserving students from financially or socially challenged groups. If there are applicants from Dalit Christian groups, the special effort would be made to accommodate them through MQ under this quota, if they are not able to secure admission otherwise. All this, on condition of fulfilling the eligibility criteria stipulated for MQ from time to time.

If any student getting admitted in merit finds it difficult to continue studies on account of financial constraints, the Management would make all efforts to take care of that aspect so that s/he is able to complete the programme s/he has joined in.

Any student of the college is free to apply for assistance to cover tuition fee, transportation, books or meals. A committee scrutinizes the applications and depending on the available resources, help is provided to the applicants. A detachable form for the same is available in the college hand book.

The college has instituted an Equal Opportunity Cell, with the support of UGC for promoting the development of students who face such challenges.