Sl No: Topic Name Document
1 An Overview of Advertising Dr. Gilroy Rosario
2 Classification of Advertaising Dr. Gilroy Rosario
3 Administration and Functions of Management Fr. Limson
4 Creativity in advertising Ms. Athira
5 Insight into creating briefs Ms. Athira
6 Stages of Production Process Ms. Athira
7 Trends in Advertising Industry Ms. Athira
8 Types of Advertising Ms. Athira
9 Departmentation Ms. Breijitha
10 POM Ms. Brejitha
11 Coordination and Control Ms. Brejitha
12 Cross Media System Ms. Brejitha
13 Decision Making Ms. Brejitha
14 Departmentation Ms. Brejitha
15 Development of Radio Ms. Brejitha
16 Event planning checklist Ms. Brejitha
17 event planning template Ms. Brejitha
18 Evolution of Management Source Ms. Brejitha
19 Hisory of Print Media Ms. Brejitha
20 Histroy of Television Ms. Brejitha
21 Organisation Ms. Brejitha
22 RADIO Ms. Brejitha
23 Introduction to Event Management Ms. Jasna Mary
24 Administration and Functions of Management Ms. Jasna Mary
25 Media as a Social Institution Ms. jinu Joseph
26 Decision Making Ms. Jinu Joseph
27 Event planning checklist Ms. Kalpita
28 eventplanningtemplate Ms. Kalpita
29 Introduction to Event Management Ms. Kalpita
30 Reference Material Ms. Kalpita
31 Radio Voice Ms. Mamta
32 interview techniques Ms. Mamta
33 Meaning and concept of an event Ms. Mamta
34 Media as social instituition Ms. Mamta
35 Radio Prodcution Ms. Mamta
36 Radio Production Planning Ms. Mamta
37 business communication Ms. Namitha
38 Direct and Indirect speech Ms. Namitha
39 Public Relations Ms. Namitha
40 Elements of Directing Ms. Sreelakshmi T S
41 Planning and its Importance Ms. Sreelakshmi T S
42 Reference Material Ms. Sreelakshmi T S
43 The Behavioural Approach Ms. Sreelakshmi T S
44 The Media as a Social Institution Ms. Sreelakshmi T S