Sl No: Topic Name Document
1 An Introduction to Sound Dr. Asha Achy Joseph
2 Different types of recording Dr. Asha Achy Joseph
3 microphones Dr. Asha Achy Joseph
4 Recording of sound Dr. Asha Achy Joseph
5 Shooting Silent Shot Dr. Asha Achy Joseph
6 sound basics Dr. Asha Achy Joseph
7 speakers Dr. Asha Achy Joseph
8 synchronization and Timecode Dr. Asha Achy Joseph
9 Research for media Dr. Shanthi Mathai
10 Grammer of edit Fr. Antony P T
11 persistence of vision Fr. Antony P T
12 Visual grammer Fr. Antony P T
13 Poster Design Guide Mr. Abhishek R
14 Structure of poster Mr. Abhishek R
15 Introduction to computer animation Mr. Abin Jose
16 Media Management Mr. Babu Joseph
17 Business Journalism Mr. Babu Joseph
18 Kerala Media Mr. Belbin P Baby
19 photography Mr. Boney Varghese P Titus
20 Animation Mr. Kishore Kumar
21 Character Rigging Mr. Rohit Sivan
22 Visual FX Mr. Sijo Joseph
23 Effective tools for PR Mr. Sujith Narayanan
24 Compositional Rules Ms. Anu Cherian
25 Elements of Design Ms. Anu Cherian
26 Gestals Laws Ms. Anu Cherian
27 narrative Ms. Aparna S K
28 Mise-en-Scene Ms. Jeeva KJ
29 HTML and CSS Ms. Roshina Jasmin Faber