Non-Statutory Committees of the College

The College has constituted a Research Ethics Committee to promote research and to ensure academic integrity. This committee would comprise of the Principal as Chairman, IQAC Coordinator, an External Expert  and members from the college’s faculty including the Dean of Research as Member Secretary, Senior Guides and the Librarian. The members of the committee along with the heads of the various departments, together with all the teaching staff are responsible for creating an academic ambience conducive for research. The committee strives to provide appropriate guidance in organizing and conducting research and related activities. The committee works in close coordination with the Research Advisory Committee of the College.



Rev. Dr. Prasant Palackappillil (Principal, Head of Research Centre)


Dr. K. M. Johnson (Research Guide and Head of the Department, English)

External Member

Dr. N. Prasanthakumar (Former Head of the Department of English, Sree Sankaracharya University, Kalady)

Member Secretary

Dr. Franklin J. (Dean of Research, Research guide, Chemistry)


Dr. Jose John (Research Guide and Head of the Department, Botany) 


Dr. M. J. Mathew (Research guide and Head of the Department, Zoology)


Dr. K. V. Raju (Research guide)


Dr. Jinu George (Research guide and Dean of Science)


Mr. Biju V. V. (Librarian)


Dr. Siby Mathew (Research Guide and Head of the Department, Physics)