Non-Statutory Committees of the College

The College has an Research Advisory/Doctoral Centre Committee which oversees various aspects of the research activities undertaken at the Institution. The Committee is comprised of the Principal as the Chairman and also has external experts, Heads of the Research Departments, Deans,  approved Research Guides and members of the faculty. Select members of the committee are deputed as members of the Research Ethics Committee to discuss and resolve issues impinging on research ethics. The various functions of the Research Advisory/Doctoral Centre Committee are listed below.

Dr. Fr. Jose John (Principal, Head of the Institution)

Dr. Fr. Joseph Varghese (Vice Principal)

Dr. C.S Francis (Vice Principal [East Campus])

Midhun dominic C.D (Coordinator)

Dr. Abi T.G

Dr. Frankli J.

Dr. Jinu George

Dr. Sumod S.G

Dr. Pius Augustine

Dr. Joseph George

Dr. Ignatious Abraham

Dr. Rajesh M.

Functions of the Research Advisory Committee

  1. Ensure the conduct of half yearly research meet (Monsoon session and Winter session). An external expert is invited to give a talk on the relevant aspects of research. The research scholars shall make presentations (30 minutes to 1 hour) of his/her progress in research once in every six months before the Research Advisory Committee consisting of an external subject expert (Ph. D guide of the university). The report of the half yearly progress report shall be forwarded to the university with a certificate of presentation within one to two weeks from the date of review. Half yearly progress reports shall be forwarded along with a copy of the monthly attendance register signed by the supervising teacher and the Head of the institution and the challan of the semester fee remitted. 
  2. The head of the research centre prepares the joining report of the Ph.D. Research Scholars in the beginning of January. This joining report shall be forwarded to the university discipline wise. The original is to be retained in the centre which shall be forwarded to the university after the successful completion of course work along with the recommendation for registration.
  3. The Head of the research centre forwards the discipline wise syllabi of Course III to the University for Approval before 31st January of every year.
  4. The Research Advisory Committee monitors the progress of the course work and makes sure that internal examinations are conducted on time and necessary reports are sent to the University.
  5. For Course III, the concerned supervising teacher prepares two sets of question papers and the examination is conducted as per the announcement of the University.
  6. The Research Advisory Committee ensures the maintenance of the following registers at the centre:
    1. Register of research supervising teachers
    2.  List of research guides and their scholars
    3. Attendance register for all the research scholars. The attendance register for the part time research scholars shall be strictly maintained during the period of the course work (Course work attendance certificate shall be submitted along with the application for confirmation of registration).
    4. Register for recording the minutes of the meeting of the Research Advisory Committee in the centre. The minutes of all the meetings of the Research Advisory Committee are recorded.
    5. Separate book is maintained to monitor the attendance of the research scholars in half yearly research progress meet.