Student Development Office

A-Z ways to a better well being

A– Appreciate- persons and places in and around you.

B– Believe in god

C– Connect –with family, friends, colleagues and neighbour, this will keep you happy and safe.

D– Do your best

E– Eat –Healthy diet will improve your mood and energy

F– Feel nature- Nature can help you to reduce the level of stress, anxiety and depression

G– Give- smallest act can make you and others happier. Goddess of small things. Have at least one GOAL in your life

H– Honest – be honest for yourself

I– I love my self

J– Join a club /forum in the college. It will help you to improve your Knowledge, attitude and skills. Change your mood, confidence, ability to think creatively and clearly. Keep yourself safe

K– Keep yourself safe

L– Learn everything everyday

M– Motivates yourself

N– Not money but life

O– Observe the world, Opportunities

P– Practice makes perfect

Q– Quit your negative thoughts

R– Relax – find time for yourself to relax, Read something daily

S– Sleep- ensure sufficient sleep every day, Smile at your problems

T– Trust you first, keep time always

U– Utilize your resources

V– —————————

W– Wait for your loved ones

X– ————————-

Y– You are Best

Z– Zoom your Self