Department of Business Studies offers a unique BBA Programme – BBA in Integrated marketing and New Media”. The aim of the Programme is to bring out the graduates with the knowledge and create, execute marketing strategies using a variety of channels and tactics. The programme covers the pertinent topics like Digital marketing, Advertising Management, Market Research, Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Consumer Behavior and more. The programme is specially designed to introduce the students to the field of Integrated Marketing communications and to help them make better marketing decisions. The programme also creates an environment of activity oriented learning and an opportunity to develop the core competencies of Business Administration for the students.



To build the essential knowledge on marketing communications necessary to run socially responsible business organizations.

To provide the managerial framework for integrated marketing and new media communications and diverse tools used by marketers to apprise consumers.

To build skills that are important to a company management and Marketing profession, such as cognitive, technological, artistic and interpersonal skills.

To provide students a comprehensive overview of various practical application aspects of integrated marketing and new media, including understanding different types of markets, competition, buyer behavior and communication.

Improve the ability to think analytically and objectively among students

Studying integrated marketing communication, digital marketing and new media principles and thus trains them for a future in marketing, advertisement and other compelling fields.

To help students transition into the workforce and there by improve their

Financial Independence as well as their contribution to the economic and national development.

To assist students develop Entrepreneurial skills that serve the needs of the society at large.

Syllabus and Curriculum