Last Date for Research proposals – 2021-22 is on 10.02.2022

Monday, February 07, 2022

Sacred Heart Research Endeavour (SHARE) invites applications for major research project proposals (2.5 lakhs) for 2 years and minor research proposals (Rs.50000) for 1 year to be carried out in core areas of Science, Arts, Humanities and Socials Sciences. All the permanent faculty members, both aided and self-financing, having a minimum service of one (1) year are encouraged to apply. Please submit the application to IQAC, both hard copy (2 copies) and soft copy via e-mail, in the prescribed format attached on or before 10.02.2022.
Number of Major Projects: 2 (Rs 250000/- each)
Number of Minor Projects: 5 (Rs 50000/- each)

Prescribed Format