Vanuatu Fan Palm

Scientific Name:Licuala grandis H.Wendl.

Synonyms:Pritchardia grandis (H.Wendl.) W Bull.  

Systematic Position
Class: Monootyledonae
Family: Arecaceae

Common Names
Vanuatu Fan Palm

Description: Licuala grandis is a slow growing small palm . Trunk: Single, brown to grey-coloured, upright and slender that reach a mature height of only 2 or 3 meters, but usually less than 1,8 m tall and 10-12 cm in diameter, ridged with old leaf scars and traces of fibrous leaf sheaths.
Crown: Spread about 2,5 m wide or less.
Leaves (fronds): Costapalmate, attractively pleated fan-shaped to orbicular (forming an almost perfect circle) nearly entire, segment joined practically all the way except the edges that are notched, dark glossy green, held horizontally about 60-100 cm or more in diameter. Petioles 1 m long thin and spiny .Fruits: red fruit. Inflorescences: up to 2 m long, dangling arising at the the base of leaves, usually longer than the fronds. Flowers bisexual small whitish-yellow.
Blooming period: Will flower frequently.

Habitat: Cultivated

Distribution: The palm is naturally endemic to Vanuatu island. 

Uses:  Ornamental palm