Type: fossils

Category: fossils

Chemical/Scientific/Etc. : Palaeoecology: The genus Terebratula was a marine animal, lived as a stationary, epifaunal suspension feeder

Description/Characteristics :  

Terebratula is a genus of brachiopods, which are marine animals characterized by bivalve shells and a lophophore feeding structure.
Two shells (valves) that are hinged together.
a tentacle-like structure used for filter-feeding and gas exchange.

Fossil record and are considered to be among the oldest-known animal lineages, with a history dating back to the Cambrian period.

Place of collections: Thiruchirappalli

Date/Month/year of Collection: 2017

Distribution: Stratigraphic Age: Triassic to Eocene.

Uses if any: Study of fossils

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