Student Counselling Services

Sometimes, students need a listening and caring heart from outside of their friends or family circles. To meet this need we have a full time counsellor available on campus.

Where you will get help at SH/support at SH

Talk to Someone………… We are Here to Listen to You

We are here to support all students.

Feel free to approach us.

You can trust us as your friends

What you share will be kept confidential

Our team can provide non clinical services and coordinate the right support for you.


Class teacher

You can talk to your class teacher about any well-being concern. They will help you to find out the right support

Personal Mentor

All students have a personal MENTOR. They are here to help with any academics as well as personal development. Also they will refer you to professional support when you need.


You can talk to your counsellor about your personal conflicts or problems. Counsellor helps you to discover yourself & find your resources to cope with your problems or for your well being.