Student Counselling Services

Sometimes, students need a listening and caring heart from outside of their friends or family circles. To meet this need we have a full time counsellor available on campus.

What is Counselling

Counselling is a helping relationship with a person in need and a professional to bring about attitudinal or behavioural change aimed at WELLNESS.  (adapted from Carl Rogers)

Counselling is …

  1. Client-centred — specific to the needs, issues and circumstances of each individual client.
  2. An interactive, collaborative and respectful process.
  3. Directed towards developing autonomy and self-responsibility in clients.
  4. Considerate of interpersonal situation, social/cultural context, readiness to change.
  5. Asking questions, eliciting information, reviewing options and developing action plans.

Counselling is NOT …

  1. Telling or direction
  2. Giving advice
  3. A conversation
  4. An interrogation
  5. A confession.
  6. Praying