Student Wellness Centre

A-Z Principles of well-being

A – Appreciate – persons and places in and around you.

B – Believe in God – Begin TODAY

C – Connect – with family, friends, colleagues and neighbour, this will keep you happy and safe. CHANGE starts with you

D – Do your best

E – Eat – Healthy diet will improve your mood and energy

F – Feel nature- Nature can help you to reduce the level of stress, anxiety and depression

G – Give – smallest act of SERVICE to others can make you and others happier. Have at least one GOAL in your life

H – Honesty the best policy – be honest to yourself

I – I love my self – I am good – I can do good

J – Join a club /forum in the college. It will help you to improve your Knowledge, attitude and skills. Change your mood, confidence, ability to think creatively and clearly. Keep yourself safe

K – Keep yourself safe

L – Learn something everyday

M – Motivate yourself – self motivated

N – NO to Drugs, No to evil . YES to Nature

O – Observe – it is a world of Opportunities

P – Practice makes one perfect

Q – Quit your negative thoughts

R – Relax – find time for yourself to relax, Read something daily

S – Sleep – ensure sufficient sleep every day, Smile at your problems

T – Triple Trust – Trust yourself, Trust others, Trust God.

U – Utilize your resources

V – Virtue starts with non-Violence

W – Wealth from Waste

X – eXercise to keep you fit.

Y – You be the change you want to be

Z – Zealous for Good