At S.H., tutorials are those interactive sessions intended to impart value education to the students. The sessions are to be planned with pre-drafted materials by the tutorial committee. Value education classes go in tandem with the tutorial sessions.

The students are to be engaged either as a single class unit, or wherever possible, as a group of 30 to 35, on a relatively permanent basis, and by one teacher (for a period of one year).

The lessons are to be prepared in advance, revised periodically, and they should be so devised to extend over a period of three years. Teachers concerned have to familiarize the lesson, so that more or less same messages reach the entire group.

All lessons should lead to practical implications for life, and wherever possible to be concluded with personal or collective resolutions, and a prayer. On an average, 2 hours a month should be devoted to tutorial sessions. Besides tutorials, the renewal programmes, personality development sessions, observances of socially significant days, thought for the week, life-orientation programme etc. should also serve as platform for value education.The value orientation imparted through the regular classroom teaching.

One of the core values to be imparted is that of ‘cleanliness as next to godliness’. This is to be ensured by every teacher every time he/she engages a class, that the class room is litter-free. And whenever, a programme is organized, there is a plan for minimizing waste (zero waste) and managing it.