Shale with silicous band

Type: sedimentary rock

Category: clastic sedimentary rock

Chemical/Scientific/Etc. : Composed primarily of clay minerals such as kaolinite, smectite, montmorillonite, illite and silt size quartz particles. Other minerals include feldspars, calcite, iron oxide and a few heavy minerals. Pyrite is a common diagenetic mineral in shale. Grain size is too small to be identified by unaided eyes.

Description/Characteristics :  

Shale with siliceous bands refers to a type of shale rock characterized by the presence of alternating layers or bands rich in silica.
a sedimentary rock primarily composed of clay minerals but shale with siliceous bands contains distinct layers enriched in silica
typically exhibits color variations, with the siliceous bands appearing lighter or darker than the surrounding shale.

Place of collections: Cuddapah

Date/Month/year of Collection: 2022

Distribution: Vindhyan, Cuddapah, Siwalik and Gondwana sequences contain shale deposits. Black shales are also reported from the Vindhyans Supergroup and Tal Formation of Lesser Himalaya.

Uses if any: Shale acts as a cap rocks for oil and gas. They are rich in pyrite and various metals such Cu, V, U, and Ni. Oil shales are mined as fossil fuel.

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