M.Sc. Aquaculture and Fish Processing, a four semester (two year) job oriented P.G programme started in 2004. It is a self-financing vocational course .As the name suggests, the syllabus of the programme gives equal importance to Aquaculture as well as Fish Processing. First and second semester contains four theory and two practical courses each .First semester deals with general courses like Taxonomy and biology of commercial and cultivable fin fish and shell fish , Biophysics, Instrumentation, Micro techniques and Research Methodology , Biostatistics and Computer Application and Aquaculture Engineering. Taxonomy and biology of fin fish and shell fish and Instrumentation, Micro-techniques, Biostatistics, Computer Application and Aquaculture Engineering are the two practical papers included in the syllabus.

“Earn While You Learn” programme equip the students to develop entrepreneurial skill. Under this programme students get an opportunity for breeding ornamental fishes and live feeds .As a part of this department conducts an exhibition cum sale on a regular basis within the campus and the profit is distributed among the students.

Training in Fish Processing Factories and National Institutes are part of the programme.