The Department of Mathematics, Sacred Heart College (Autonomous) Thevara, offers a post graduate degree program in Mathematics with a total of twenty theory courses and a project. The program not only enables the students at mastering the theoretical concepts of various branches of mathematics but also equips them with the necessary skills to succeed in competitive examinations like CSIR-NET, GATE and Ph.D. entrance examinations of institutions such as the IIT’s and the Indian Institute of Science.

The syllabus of the program is developed on the O.B.E. (Outcome Based Education) pattern and the program outcomes, program specific outcomes and in particular the course outcomes of each course are clearly elucidated. The total credits of the program is 80, of which 60 credits are allotted for the core courses (there are 5 courses of 4 credits each in each of the first three semesters), 15 credits are allotted to the five elective courses (3 credits for each elective course) in the final semester, 3 credits are allotted for the project and 2 credits are allotted for the comprehensive viva-voce to be conducted at the end of the fourth semester. The project is to be completed during the third and fourth semesters.

The overall focus of the syllabus is on enabling the students to mathematically model real world problems, develop their problem solving skills and enhance their logical skills and critical thinking ability.