This  course  is  aimed  at  creating  a  concern  among  students  on  energy  conservation  and environmental protection. Studentsfrom all streamsexcept those from Physics might enrolfor this course. This is a purely lecture based four credit courseconsisting of 72 teaching hours. In brief the course outline is as follows: It deals with the energy sources which are currently accessed and  brings  out  the  need  for  conservation  of  energy  and  increasingly  depending  on  non-conventional  energy  sources  like  solar,  tidal  etc.There  is  a  detailed  discussion  on  various  solar energy  based  devices,  which  one  can  implement  in  daily  lives.  In  addition,  the  basic  ideas  on environmental  pollution  and  its  harmful  effects  are  touched  upon and the  need  for  bringing pollution levels to a minimum is emphasized. The  course also deals with environmental impact assessment  and  statutory  provisions concerning  conservation  of  environment.A  student  who attends  this  course  would definitelygain a better  understanding  of  the  energy  sources  currently available to us and the environment we live in so that he/she might aim for sustainable living.

This course is part of the UG programme and hence assessment of student progression is that of our UG programme.