The Programme in Mathematics include (1) Common courses, (2) Core courses,  (3) Choice Based Courses, (4) Open Courses, (5) Project, (6) Complementary Courses. The students can choose one language course from among French, Hindi and Malayalam. Open course may be offered in any subject and the student shall have the option to do courses offered by other departments other than Mathematics in the fifth semester. Every student has to do a project during the 6th semester. The topics for the project can be selected as early as the beginning of the 5th semester. Physics and Statistics are the Complementary Courses during the first four semesters.

Department of Mathematics offers the open course ‘ Applicable Mathematics’ to the other streams during the fifth Semester. The syllabus of the program is developed on the O.B.E. (Outcome Based Education) pattern and the program outcomes, program specific outcomes and in particular the course outcomes of each course are clearly elucidated.