B A Economics is offered at the undergraduate level to equip students with the methodology and tools of economics and to prepare them for higher studies and for employment or employment-oriented programs. The B A program is a comprehensive and well thought out program designed on the basis of views of academicians, student community, parents and experts from industry.
The program covers areas like,

  • The behaviour of individuals and firms and their strategic interactions.
  • Production and consumption of goods and how wealth is created and transferred globally.
  • Economic growth and development, the causes and effects of unemployment and inflation.
  • Income distribution, markets, public policy design and implementation, sustainable development, management of the environment.
  • Foreign exchange market, currency derivatives, international commodity and factor movements, stock markets and online trading.
  • Banking and finance, Indian economy, econometrics, statistical methods and federal finance.

The curriculum of BA Economics is framed in the OBE platform with clear mapping of Course, Program and Program Specific Outcomes. As students from other subjects also take admission for B A Economics, the course usually starts with a bridge course. Assignments, seminars, workshops, student paper presentations, internships, carrier guidance, mentoring, civil service training, industry visits and soft skill training are also provided to enrich the student community.