World Wetlands Day 2023- Wetlands Cleaning Drive

Saturday, February 04, 2023

NCC ARMY WING in coordination with Municipal corporation of kochi and Bhoomithrasena club of Sacred Hearts College, Thevara conducted wetland cleaning drive based on world wetlands day 2023. The venue was at Koithara Road, Thevara and the major aim was to clean the wetland in the respective locality. The initiative started at 3:45 pm followed by the inaguration done by Mrs. Lathika K. P, Councillor of Division -60,Perumanoor. Cadets from NCC Army wing and volunteers from Bhoomithrasena club coordinated well for the wetland cleaning drive along with Dr Midhun Dominic, Dr Shalumon and Dr Deepak,who are the respective coordinating members of the program from Bhoomithrasena club. Moreover, residents of the area too joined for the initiation of this program. Wetland Cleaning Drive was done well with much cooordination and support. At the end of the program, Tea and Snacks were provided for the participated members. The Wetland Cleaning Drive ended at 5:00 pm.