SH College Students Illuminate Lives in ‘Prayanam’ Project: A Heartwarming Journey with Senior Citizens at Kochi’s Vypin Beach

Saturday, October 14, 2023

In a heartwarming initiative, students from SH College actively engaged in the recently launched ‘Prayanam’ Project by General Hospital Ernakulam, in collaboration with the palliative department. The Prayanam Project aims to bring joy to senior citizens by facilitating trips to their cherished destinations in Kochi. Comprising free auto services and dedicated volunteer companions, the program ensures seamless support for the elderly. Serin Perter, a 3rd-year BA English student at SH East campus, shared her testimony after accompanying seniors to Vypin Beach as part of the Nilavu Palliative Centre. Describing the experience as enlightening, Serin emphasized the creation of new joyful memories and connections during the outing. The program not only brightened the seniors’ day but also left a lasting impact on the participating students, fostering a sense of gratitude and anticipation for future visits with the elderly.