Sacred Heart College Thevara’s Second-Year UG Students Visit Legislative Assembly for Academic Exposure Program

Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Scond year UG students of Sacred Heart College Thevara visited the legislative assembly as part of an academic exposure programme. The general english text “Scripting the nation” deals with the various aspects of democracy and securalism for which this excursion was a milestone. As part of this, we met the Higher Education minister R bindhu and was able to conduct an interactive questionnaire where the students raised their doubts about the 4 year UG programme. She was not only successful in assuring us about the future opportunities and practical implications of the research oriented 4 year programme but also reminded us that students are the very core of education and how our choices come superior to academic validation. The minister, firm in her beliefs, cemented our thoughts on the vitality of inculcating topics that are relevant and act in the interest of the young students rather than that of the educators. She pointed out that unless teachers open their arms to welcome and adapt this new system, the confused students are prone to choose what the conventional system urges them to. They also got opportunity to interact with the opposition leader, deputy speaker, Education minister Industrial minister and many others. Thank you department of physics and Chemistry for your support.