Media Talks 2023 Inaugural Session

Saturday, August 05, 2023

Students of the Department of Journalism, Sacred Heart College,Thevara got a chance to interact with R.Rajagopal. He was the guest of tge inaugural Session of Media Talks 2023 on August 4 at Melisius Hall. The session discussed the link between Industry-Academia to journalism students. The welcome speech of the program was delivered by Sujith Narayanan,HOD of journalism department. The program started as a discussion between Mr. Babu Joseph, the Director of SHSC and the chief guest. R.Rajagopal mentioned in detail about his journey as a journalist, his political views, subtle strategies and importance and the loneliness of an editor’s job. His words gave the students a wholistic idea about the world of journalism and it’s challenges. After the talk, the students, staff and our IQAC member Mr. Ranjith interacted with R.Rajagopal and cleared their thoughts related to his various political questions and the trade of Journalism.