Heartian Open Courses 2022-23

Thursday, June 02, 2022

Open Courses – An opportunity to stretch your horizon

Aided Stream

  1. Elements of Social Psychology
  2. English for Careers
  3. Physical Health and Life Skills Education
  4. Economics for Everyday Life
  5. Agribased Micro Industries
  6. Human Genetics, Nutrition, Community Health and Sanitation
  7. Chemistry in Everyday life
  8. Physics in Daily Life
  9. Applicable Mathematics
  10. Fundamentals of Accounting

Self Financing Stream

  1. Fundamentals of  Accounting
  2. Internet, Web Designing and Cyber Laws
  3. Security Threats and Trends
  4. Editing Principles
  5. Life Skill Development
  6. Non Linear Editing and Colour Grading
  7. Writing For Media
  8. Disasters, Environment, Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaption
  9. English for Careers


Open Courses For Both Aided and Self Financing Stream

  1. Basic German
  2. Learning to Live Together – Insights from Inter Religious Scriptural Study