Greetings from the Principal

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Dear Heartians,
Greetings and Peace!
As we all are coping with the covid 19 pandemic, I wish and pray that you all keep safe and secure.
I believe that your IVth semester classes are over and revisions are completed; you are all ready for the end semester exams. Since the lock down period is being extended and the exams are being postponed accordingly, it was decided in the college council that the Fifth Semester Classes be started from June 10th (online mode). You shall get a week’s study leave before the end semester (IVth) exams. So get ready to start the final year of your undergraduate programme. Let’s start with strong decisions and total commitment to devote our maximum to attain the best of our learning process. Let’s remember the proverb, “time and tide wait for none”, and always be positive that this pandemic situation also shall be over soon.
Friday (June 11th) is the Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus. Wish you all the blessings and greetings of the day. May Sacred Heart of Jesus bless us all and keep us safe.